Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Harry Potter

I have to say I was SOOOO excited when I found out what Brandi Brittany had picked for their theme.  It's one I've always wanted to do.  So many possibilities!

The invites had every detail and were attached to a balloon  that had the perfect owl drawn on it.  Unfortunately mine popped before I took a picture but you get the idea. 

Back of the Invite

Inside the Invitation 

When we arrived that evening we had to go through Platform 9 3/4 just like all the Hogwarts students. 

There were so many fun extra details in the decor.  Here is the bathroom mirror.

and toilet with Moaning Myrtle...

fun quotes from the books on the walls

and we all loved this photo booth and prop!

They had lots of Proclamations, Wanted Posters and Newspaper articles on the walls too. 

The table 

Each place setting had a wand and we found our menu in the form of the Marauders Map.

They also covered the book spines with spell book titles.

Our menu for the evening

The appetizer course was Molly's Meatballs with Onion Sauce, Pumpkin Pasties and of course, Butterbeer 

The Soup and Salad Course featured Gillyweed Salad and Fleur's Brie Soup which was delicious!

Then it was onto the main course.  Hogwarts Roast and Mashed Potatoes, Yorkshire Pudding, Buttery Garlic and Peas with Bacon, and Pumpkin Juice. Yum, yum, yum!

Finally dessert.  Exploding Bon bons, English Trifle with Raspberries,  Sorting Hat Cupcakes, A Golden Snitch, and Bertie Bots Every Flavor Beans 

The details on the sorting had were so fun!

Our take homes for the evening were our wand, a Gryffindor scarf and a necklace with the Deathly Hallows. 

It was another magical evening at Gourmet Club and so much fun having a theme with so many fun details!  Expecto Patronum! 


Molly’s Meat Balls 

Hogwarts Roast
Place Pot Roast in crock pot
Dump Packet of onion soup on top
Dump can of cream of mushroom soup on top
Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 7 hours or until tender. (adjust according to size of roast)
Cooks perfect gravy in the bottom while the roast cooks.
(If you have an instapot, this does NOT work in the instapot. I’ve tried 4-5 times)

Yorkshire Pudding
3 eggs
3/4 cup whole milk
3/4 cup water
1 1/2 cup water
3/4 tsp salt
6 tbs butter (or beef fat)

Mix eggs, milk, and water with a mixer. Sift the flour and salt and add to wet ingredients. Mix with mixer until bubbly. Cover and refrigerate 1 hr. 

Heat oven to 450. Add 2 tbs melted butter to batter. Divide the remaining 4 tbs butter between 12 muffin tins and and place in oven for 3 min. Remove pan and quickly add batter to tins and return to oven. Cook for 15 minutes at 450. Reduce oven tempurature to 350 and cook for another 20 minutes. DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN! They will look done about 10 minutes in but do NOT pull them out early. After 35 minutes of cooking time, pull them out and poke them with a fork or knife to release the steam so they don’t collapse. Serve immediately. (We served ours 10-15 minutes later and they were miraculously still good).

Note we used apple cider and apricot juice and added .5 tsp pumkin pie spice

Golden Snitch
Ferrero Rocher Candy with Feathers glued on

Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans
Amazon but Ross usually has them for cheap

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